Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home Designs

Reasons to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home Designs

Utilizing reclaimed wood is a significant component of sustainable design for individuals who wish to reuse and repurpose resources. However, there are numerous other benefits that reclaimed wood may bring to your home.

Utilizing recycled wood is fascinating and can add personality, appeal, warmth, and texture to a space. New homes and modern rooms can be imbued with a feeling of history by using weathered planks and ancient beams. Planks on the ceiling can give charm, warmth, and a European touch to a kitchen or home.

What Can I Use It For?

Numerous applications for reclaimed wood are limited only by the imagination. Here are a few uses for recycled wood and examples of how we’ve implemented them.

  • Wood headboards may establish the ambiance of a bedroom.
  • Beams can function as mantelpieces.
  • Countertops in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Island flanks
  • Walls
  • Hardwood floors
  • Tables Supported by Roof Beams

Where Can I Find Reclaimed Wood?

One supply of wood that springs to mind immediately is old barns. These boards may also originate from demolished homes, hotels, or factories. If you own an older home, there may be magnificent wood hidden below the drywall or on the attic level.

When removing a roof to create a second story, another source of lumber is found. When converting an attic into a second floor, a gold mine – well, a “wood” mine – can be discovered.

We also have an excellent source for the recycled wood that our Millwork Shop uses, so if you are interested in utilizing this material, please contact us.