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How to Handle Supply Chain Delays

Are you renovating or constructing a home and tearing out your hair due to material delays? Does it appear that prices fluctuate every hour? Since a couple of years ago, supply chain interruptions have been a concern in the construction business, and we’ve had to cope with a variety of issues, from increasing timber prices to months-long delays on windows and doors. Despite supply chain problems, the following recommendations will help you maintain your project on track:

Order Way Early

This may sound obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many clients don’t realize which materials must be picked and ordered prior to the start of construction. Important components include windows and doors, trusses, and appliances. If ordered late, these items can push a project back by weeks or even months.

Shop from Trusted Sellers

If a vendor provides you with impractical lead times, do not be afraid to shop around until you locate a company that can deliver the required goods within the appropriate time frame. This is one of the services our team gives to our clients, and it often requires a great deal of perseverance to obtain what is desired when it is required. At one point, a particular type of lumber was unavailable in Florida, so a member of our crew had to travel to Georgia to acquire it. Be willing to go beyond your comfort zone if Home Depot and Lowe’s are unable to deliver the necessary materials.

Be Considerate & Flexible

In this industry, it may be necessary to be flexible with both your design and budget. Thankfully, there is such a vast selection of finished products available that you can typically find an alternative if something is out of stock or if prices increase.

Work With a Single-Source Builder

When choosing a builder for your project, you should look for someone who offers turnkey services. At JPS Cedar Park Construction & Remodeling, we offer comprehensive design-build services. Our in-house design team creates floor plans, renderings, and blueprints; our logistics team handles permits, subcontractors, and all orders; and our construction team ensures the project stays on schedule. We have an in-house cabinet team and millwork facility to construct and install cabinets and millwork for all of our projects. Having such a team makes an enormous difference in the construction industry, saving our clients months on their projects. It also prevents many gray hairs!

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