5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

5 Ideas For Kitchen Remodels That Will Last A Long Time

When you’re looking for ideas for kitchen remodeling, the most important thing, besides making sure it works, is that your investment lasts. Every era seems to have its own dos and don’ts in the kitchen, and many of them don’t last more than a decade.


That is a huge waste of your money and a huge disappointment. So how do you invest in a kitchen that will look just as beautiful in ten years as it does today? Choose simple, classic designs and ignore trends, no matter how popular they are at the moment.


Here are some tips on how to redesign your kitchen in a way that will last:

1#: Pay attention to white appliances

Stainless steel has been popular for a while, and professional kitchens use it all the time. Stainless steel might never go out of style, and it’s not hard to keep it looking great. But that hasn’t been how history has gone so far.


White is the color that has stood the test of time the best, and that’s a fact. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Survey, white is the most popular color for kitchens. It has also been number one on the list every other year.


This is good news for people who own their own homes. Stainless steel appliances are much more expensive than white ones, so you can buy a better stove and fridge in white than you could in stainless steel.

#2: When choosing to floor, think about how long it will last.

Vinyl has been around for a long time, and there are some lovely choices. But vinyl has a life span as well, and it’s not a very long one. Think about how it will look and how long it will last, and you’ll be happier.


Wood is probably never going to go out of style, and it’s more comfortable to walk on than tile. Even after years of hard use, it can be stained and refinished to make it look beautiful again. If you break a tile, you’ll have to get a new one.


MSN Lifestyle also suggests wood because, even when it’s new, it has a sense of history. It can hold the room together in a way that not many other things can.

#3: Don't get granite counters

Like stainless steel, granite is in its prime right now. But if you think about how granite looks, you’ll see how easy it is for this expensive and beautiful material to look old. Marble could be a better and more classic option.


Most granite has colors and patterns that stand out. But will you still want to live with them after 15 years? Maybe, but maybe not. And it’s a risky bet that costs a lot.


Carrara marble is a classic choice for a countertop. This stone is very different from Calacatta marble, which has bright whites and dramatic gray veins. Carrara marble has grays that aren’t as dark and whites that aren’t as bright, so it doesn’t look like a bold fashion statement. It will never go out of style, and it doesn’t cost as much as granite. It can get stained, but so can granite, and sealants can fix that.

#4: Storage, storage, storage

Shaker-style cabinets are popular because their simple, clean lines work with a wide range of decor styles, from modern and minimalist to warm and rustic. They are a good choice for almost any house. But storage is more important than looks.


There are lots of clever ways to set up your kitchen, from open shelves and freestanding cabinets to traditional built-ins, that you can find in home decor magazines and on the Internet. Built-ins that have a lot of good storage space should win out.


Instead of old-fashioned boxy cabinets with nothing but holes and shelves inside, look for smart storage like pull-out organizers that use every inch of space. You don’t need a lazy Susan in the corner if you can still get to the cabinets without it.

#5: Keep an eye on the little things

No matter what you want to buy, always choose quality over looks. It’s the little things that make a kitchen beautiful and make it last for years.


Check the joints on your faucet and how the wood on your cabinets is put together. Are they flawless, or can you find flaws? Both can be done perfectly, which you’ll appreciate when you use them every day. Where there is a flaw, there is a chance that the parts will come apart.


It’s tempting to pick a fixture that looks nice but isn’t well made. Most of the time, though, these choices don’t last. So spend a little more and get quality where it matters.

This Old House says that a kitchen remodel is one of the best ways to get your money’s worth. It’s also one of the most expensive projects you can do. You can make big changes to your home’s value and your quality of life, so be smart and think classic rather than trendy.